Fulfil strategic outcomes with your IT operations

At LXS Consulting, we’ve been working as specialist consultants for over 10 years, advising on and delivering IT transformations and managed services that enable organisations to launch, scale, and optimise their operations.

A specialist solution for every integration

Create an industry leading platform for your AltNet

Whether you’re trying to scale an AltNet from the ground up, maximise the potential of your existing architecture or consolidate multiple systems after M&A activity, our experienced IT and business process transformation specialists can fully own or augment your team to deliver the changes needed to drive your business plan.

Ensure legacy IT serves the latest business KPIs

Telcos are navigating a volatile landscape, needing to serve the demand for connectivity and integrated services while optimising costs and risks. To do this, the industry needs seamless IT systems that support new growth opportunities, while delivering more sophisticated market insights, efficiency and customer convenience.

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Latest insights

Our specialist team is at the leading edge of what’s happening in IT systems and digital transformations. Browse our insights to explore what your industry needs to know.


Our telecom industry specialists can support you in a number of ways, from navigating complex end-to-end operational change to uncovering greater clarity in your data.


Realise potent, company-wide change on a business and IT systems level. Our industry expert consultants will work with your team to surface pain points in your existing operation, and guide you through implementation of tactical, outcomes-based solutions.

Data and analytics

Whether you’re looking to unify your data under a single source of truth or make it easier for your team to share valuable insights, our specialist team will guide you through powerful data, analysis and reporting platforms.

Business operations

Our team can help you refresh your business operations with holistic workflow solutions – implementing intelligent digital workflows, boosting productivity through automation and AI, and improving your customer service experience.

Managed services

From triaging and prioritising release cycles in alignment with essential KPIs, to ensuring each release is robust and ready for market, we can support your system as it evolves with a range of managed services.

Why choose LXS?

Our team of specialists live and breathe the industries we work in, so we understand what good outcomes look like for your IT system.

"LXS have provided us a delivery engine to achieve the transformation and scaling of our key IT systems we require."
Rob Baynes - CCO Giganet

Whether your organisation is considering an IT system transformation, needs targeted assistance in agreed capacity or you want more clarity on what your organisation might need, we’ll be happy to talk.