Our approach

Outcomes-based telecom transformation

Tactical IT and business process change, designed and delivered by telecom industry specialists.

Managing IT transformations with pinpoint focus

No two IT system challenges are exactly the same in the telecoms industry. You might be:

We’ll listen to your leadership teams to surface where pain points lie in your existing system, on both an IT and business level. Once we’ve honed in, we’ll map out a way forward that’s backed up by lean, targeted, outcomes-based delivery.

Reasons to choose LXS Consulting

Whether we’re designing new architecture from the ground up or creating tactical change within an existing framework, you can expect:

You won’t need to explain telecom regulation, or what an A55 breakage is, or what good outcomes are for a new network launch.

We’ll never suggest a solution that’s greater than what you need, and our architects will provide realistic answers to all your questions from the start.

Our team is designed to go lean and fast so your team doesn’t run out of time or budget.

We don’t only assemble technology, we know how to deconstruct and engineer business processes, so the stack achieves the outcomes you need.

Depending on your needs, and the way your team works, we can design and build waterfall based solutions or deliver in agile sprints.

Your people need a system they’ll actually be glad to use. We take them on a journey so that their hearts and minds are on board with any changes.

Bolstered by the disciplines you need

No one knows what your IT stack needs to achieve better than your own people. Our telecom and alt-net IT specialists work to augment your existing team, facilitating the experts you already have, and bringing discipline-specific knowledge to fill in any gaps.

Whether your organisation is considering an IT system transformation, needs targeted assistance in agreed capacity or you want more clarity on what your organisation might need, we’ll be happy to talk.