Business operations solutions

Leverage the potential of digital workflows

Efficiency is critical to long-term business success. Whether you’re looking to automate back office employee workflows or streamline customer service responses, we can support you.

Hone in on what matters

There’s more to optimising digital workflows than adopting new software. You also need to integrate the platform with your existing systems, refine the human processes that go on behind the IT, and ensure your people have a platform they’ll be glad to use.

Our team of digital transformation specialists will work with your people to assess where you want your business operations to be, and draw a roadmap to get you there. We’ll then deploy ServiceNow SMEs and developers to deliver end-to-end transformation that you can build on for years to come.

Elevate user experience with IT expertise

The right IT workflows can transform the landscape of your business operations. As registered ServiceNow partners, LXS will help you to:

Our team will help you set up automation for repetitive tasks and deploy context-aware AI to resolve issues quicker, giving your team more time to spend on the work that really matters.

As well as streamlining your IT workflows, we can help you use ServiceNow to empower customers – with AI-backed and automated self-service options – optimise back office responses, and improve NPS and customer retention.

Our experts will use the platform to create a holistic IT system, by integrating previously siloed channels of information, breaking down barriers to efficient communication and giving your employees more freedom to collaborate.

When you embark on a business operations transformation, it’s vital to keep an eye on the future. As your new IT landscape is assembled, you need to be sure that what supports you today won’t hold you back when it’s time to grow.


As part of the discovery phase we’ll listen to your team to identify where you are now and what your vision is for tomorrow, then we’ll configure your IT workflows and systems so that they continue to serve you as you scale.

Whether your organisation is considering an IT system transformation or you want more clarity on what your organisation might need, we’ll be happy to talk.