Data and analytics

Set your sights on data clarity

With the explosion in data and actionable events, the use of machine learning, and advanced analysis and reporting tools, solutions that enable better data-driven decision making are becoming even more vital.

Drive your decisions in the right direction

Data is more than just information – it’s value waiting to be realised. Whether you’re looking to expand into a new market, roll out new products or elevate your customer experience, insights and analytics are what enables your organisation to design a strategic roadmap.

Our data and analytics team can ensure these roadmaps are informed by all the data you need. From consolidating your data sources and building a single source of truth to implementing powerful reporting tools, we deliver data solutions that give you clarity and agility where you need it most.

Demystify your data with Databricks and Power BI

Whether you need to streamline your data reporting or find a more straightforward approach to analytics, here’s how LXS can help.

Your team works faster when your data stack is united on one platform. LXS can help you break down data silos with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, giving your team the freedom to effortlessly collaborate within a single, secure and automated system.

Visualise your next steps with intuitive Power BI reporting tools. Our analytics specialists will walk your team through constructing clear data dashboards and interactive reports with insights drawn from multiple data sources.

With drag-and-drop reports, mobile functionality and ready scalability, Power BI makes digging into data as simple as it should be. Our team can support your transition onto the platform or create and validate reports for you on an ongoing basis.

Breathe easy over data governance

Security and governance is paramount when you’re working with data. Responsibility for keeping that data safe isn’t just a matter for your tech team – it’s one for your entire organisation.

Through the Databricks platform, we can bring your data together and implement consistent security and sharing. As we configure your platform, we’ll also walk you through implementing class-leading data governance models at every level of your business.

Whether your organisation is considering an IT system transformation or you want more clarity on what your organisation might need, we’ll be happy to talk.