OTS Engine. eOTS

The first Ofcom compliant SaaS product from LXS designed with operational and technical challenges in mind, solving the OTS challenge and turning it into an opportunity for your ISP.

One Touch Switching made simple

In 2021, Ofcom introduced a new initiative known as One Touch Switching (OTS), aimed at simplifying the process for customers to switch their fixed voice and broadband service providers. This approach mandates that service providers actively participate in automating the end-to-end switching procedure by seamlessly integrating with the TOTSCo Hub messaging platform.

This integration is a dynamic two-way interaction, wherein providers not only send requests to the Hub but also receive service requests from it. It encompasses a sophisticated suite of APIs and robust security protocols, underpinned by stringent performance assurances.

With legislation now expecting this to go live by March 2024, this new regulation requires service providers to rethink their customer flows, customer communication and complete a brand new integration into the hub with their existing technology stack.

How can this be simplified for service providers?

The LXS SaaS does the hard work on the integration side so that your technical team’s effort is minimised, with an easy to use GUI, incident notifications and reporting. Our experience as an approved TOTSco MAP means that your onboarding onto the Hub will be painless and we can use our consulting experience to educate technical and business teams on what to expect,minimising the effort to support the new regulations whilst maximising any benefits of OTS.

Why use the eOTS?

For AltNet providers to align with the OTS framework independently, software would need to be developed capable of both initiating requests to the TOTSCo Hub and seamlessly processing service requests from it. This necessitates a comprehensive integration with your CRM, service inventory, customer billing, and various other critical systems. Features include:

Authorised partner

OTS Engine is an off the shelf SaaS solution which guides a service provider through the implementation process, with supporting consultative input from our AltNet specialists. LXS is an authorised TOTSCo MAP partner with over 10 years experience in the AltNet sector, we understand AltNets and the challenges OTS will create and where the opportunities are to grow your business when executed correctly across the IT estate. Benefits include:

We look forward to talking with your technical teams on how we can help reduce the technical headaches around OTS regulatory requirements.

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