Managed services

Strategic support for evolving IT systems

Whether we’re charting a structured release strategy or delivering a catalogue of fully managed testing services, you can expect a robust service delivered by industry specialists.

Bring structure and predictability to growth

IT systems don’t stop needing attention once the technology stack has been configured. You might be:

Our team of testing and release management specialists can bring focused quality assurance and a data based approach to navigating release cycles. Backed by industry expertise and an outcomes-based approach, we can help draw and deliver on a roadmap to your system’s long-term support.

Managed testing that’s repeatable

Our team can create a customised testing framework, with coherent processes and oversee your test infrastructure, strengthening your team’s output with:

We know that no two testing challenges are the same. When you’re facing unexpected demands, we deploy both core and flex testing teams to ensure that capacity never impacts quality.

LXS will take on the management of testing resources and infrastructure, giving your organisation instant access to specialised testers, along with a rapid, cost-effective route to market.

Our testing teams can augment your development operations, facilitating Waterfall, Agile and DevOps delivery while providing predictable outcomes.

Your people need a system they’ll actually be glad to use. We take them on a journey so that their hearts and minds are on board with any changes.

Our team of specialists can help triage, prioritise and plan what needs to happen next in a release strategy. We’ll begin by listening to your people to understand your business goals and relevant KPIs, then design testing solutions that align with what you need, based on our depth of industry insights.

To develop a cohesive release strategy and ensure each new release hits the mark in terms of timelines and budget, you don’t just need experts who know how to order and test updates. You need a partner who understands the outcomes each release needs to achieve in terms of customer experience and its place within your current infrastructure. 

Whether your organisation is considering an IT system transformation or you want more clarity on what your organisation might need, we’ll be happy to talk.