Navigating the future of telecom with eOTS: The ultimate solution for OTS compliance

The telecommunications industry is changing. With Ofcom’s introduction of One Touch Switching (OTS) in 2021, the process for customers switching their fixed voice and broadband service providers will be much more simple. OTS is not just a regulatory update either; it’s a customer-centric shift that every Internet Service Provider (ISP) needs to embrace. 

For ISPs, the implementation of OTS is a huge shift. The regulation mandates a seamless integration with the TOTSCo Messaging Hub, requiring dynamic two-way interactions. With September 2024 fast approaching, the necessity for ISPs to adapt their customer flows and technology stacks is now a priority. And remember, this isn’t just about compliance; it’s about revolutionising how ISPs interact with customers and handle service requests.

Introducing eOTS: The hassle-free solution for OTS adoption

Enter eOTS, LXS Consulting’s innovative answer to a seamless OTS transition. As an Ofcom-compliant SaaS product, eOTS is specifically designed to address the operational and technical challenges of OTS. It simplifies OTS adoption through features like CRM integration, a user-friendly portal, and a robust security-first architecture. eOTS is more than just a compliance tool; it’s a gateway to operational efficiency and enhanced customer service.

With eOTS, ISPs can reduce the effort and cost required for integration, streamline operational support, and gain valuable insights from LXS’s decade-long experience in the AltNet sector. By choosing eOTS, ISPs are not just meeting a regulatory requirement; they are upgrading their service delivery model, and positioning themselves as forward-thinking, customer-centric providers.

The clock is ticking

As the OTS deadline approaches, the choice for ISPs is clear. Embrace the change with eOTS and turn a regulatory requirement into a strategic advantage. With eOTS from LXS, compliance is no longer a hassle; it’s an opportunity for growth and excellence in the telecom sector.

Ready to transition to OTS? Have a look at our Ofcom-compliant SaaS product or Contact LXS today and embark on a path to seamless OTS integration.