Telco IT transformations

Non-linear change for evolving Telecoms

Whether you’re reshaping the landscape of your IT systems or optimising legacy tech, our team of industry experts can design and deliver transformation with strategy at its core.

Intelligent responses to industry-specific challenges

With changing customer expectations, business model diversification and new forms of data acquisition, IT systems in the telecoms industry have to constantly evolve to keep up with demand. Our team can enable you to:

We’ll work with your team to understand the challenges before you and hone in on the right solution. The people we deploy will always be hand-picked telecom specialists with knowledge specific to your integration project.

Bespoke solutions from a specialist team

We tailor our response to each project, complementing the experts you already have and bringing discipline-specific knowledge to fill in any gaps. Here are examples of what we might deploy to meet your needs:

Your people need a system that serves their needs. We take them on a journey so that your team knows IT is listening to their concerns and frustrations, and their hearts and minds can get behind any changes.

We can work with your technical and business teams to surface the problems your people are facing, locate the points that need attention, and diagnose the underlying problems behind your current challenges.

We don’t only assemble technology, we know how to deconstruct and engineer business processes, so that they’re optimised, compliant, and supported by documentation and technical capabilities.

Our solution designers can suggest and outline an approach to make tactical and strategic changes within your existing platform or framework, ensuring that legacy and out-of-the-box solutions achieve the outcomes you need, on time and within budget.

Our solution architects help you chart a path through fundamental change, bringing clarity and guidance to key architectural decisions while helping with considerations such as cloud strategy, the financial considerations of OpEx and CapEx, and ongoing support.

Enhancing customer experience and relationshipsrelationship is at the heart of your business. Our team can guide you on a path to customer excellence through workflow optimisation in ServiceNow integrating your data lake, for intelligent workflow automation and a seamless customer experience.

As we design and assemble your IT system, we’ll work with your team to define, develop and configure workflows, integrate existing software systems, and customise the implementation to your specific requirements.

Ensure a robust rollout with our catalogue of testing services. We can deploy core and flex testing teams, design a managed testing service (MTS) roadmap, and service Waterfall, Agile and DevOps delivery.

Bolster your team with the disciplines you need

No one knows what your IT stack needs to achieve better than your own people. Our telecom IT specialists can work to augment your existing team, facilitating the experts you already have, and bringing discipline-specific knowledge to fill in any gaps.

Data: Visualise the building blocks of future decisions

Success is driven by insight. Whether it’s understanding wider market trends or digging into individual customer journeys, taking command of your data has never been more important.

Our expert team can help you to unify your siloed data insights using Databricks, uncover greater clarity of vision with PowerBI dashboards and reporting, and implement class-leading data governance across your whole organisation.

Whether you’re pursuing innovation or efficiency, IT systems can’t afford to be ill-fitted. For any change to hit the mark, it needs to be guided by strategy and purpose.

We start each transformation project by listening to the pain points you face each day and identifying what good looks like for your company. Once we’ve honed in on the answers, we’ll map out a way forward that’s backed up by lean, targeted, outcomes-based delivery.